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Episode 16 – Containers….The Tech Fugitives discuss the value to hype ratio

Published 4 years ago in Apps , Containers - 0 Comments

Welcome back to the Tech Fugitives podcast.  The right package for a Tesla is obviously a SpaceX rocket, but please put your apps in Containers.

Do you understand containers?  Do you REALLY understand containers?  We’re here to help.

The Tech Fugitives explain what containers are, as well as discuss the value of deploying containers into your enterprise.  But with all the hype, what’s the actual footprint of containers in the universe today?  Why isn’t it bigger and where is this technology heading.

As you might expect, fortunes are being made and lost…..Open Source container player sells for $250 million?!?!?!  What!!!  NICE!


Hope you enjoy the insights and have a good laugh with us!  Thanks for giving us a listen!  Tell all your friends …. tell all your enemies:  Tech Talk does NOT have to SUCK!

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