Episode 17 – Interview with Corporate Sustainability expert, Nelly Andresen

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Welcome back to the Tech Fugitives podcast. What does it mean to be a caring citizen of the world when it comes to tech?  Can we recycle Alexa? uhhhh….

Just when you think The Tech Fugitives don’t have all the answers, well of course you’re wrong.  But to prove it we’ve brought in Nelly Andresen, Head of Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility at Ericsson, North America.  Nelly helps explain why sustainability practices are good for you, the planet and your company’s bottom line

Listen, Learn and laugh while finding out how you too can care about the world…Just like The Tech Fugitives.

Hope you enjoy the insights and have a good laugh with us!  Thanks for giving us a listen!  Tell all your friends …. tell all your enemies:  Tech Talk does NOT have to SUCK!

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