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Episode 83 – France Throws off the Cyber Gloves!!!

I love the idea that we that they want to switch from defense to offense. Good on ya France!

“Netflix has won and I don’t think anyone can catch them.” ….And other dumb quotes people say. *

Huawei launches a charm offensive — but PR execs say it may face a ‘literally impossible’ task.

The other dumb stuff…This from Marriott.

This IBM story just won’t go away.

Linus Torvalds explodes at Intel’s spinning of Spectre “fix” as a security feature.


Episode 45 – The War on Elon Musk and in other news Intel, Google & Amazon

Published 4 years ago in Amazon , Elon , Google , Intel - 0 Comments

It’s starting to feel like the Elon Musk “pile on” has begun.  It DEFINITELY happened for Intel’s Krzanich….oops!

We also discuss:
Amazon is Stacking Whole Foods with execs to weave into Bezos broader vision
TPU’s for rent at Google

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