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Episode 18 – The Tech Fugitives Buffet….take what you want but eat what you take!

Published 6 years ago in News - 0 Comments

Welcome back to the Tech Fugitives podcast.   The best buffets have a chocolate fountain….We’re here to drizzle delicious tech news for you!

It’s the Grand Buffet of tech news and we’re gonna hit every scrumptious table.  Amazon…one step closer to being a bank.  Cisco returns to growth and Microsoft attempts to address the trough of despair.  How many trips to the buffet will you take?  Please remember to take a fresh plate.  Weren’t you already at the desert table once before?

Listen, Learn and laugh while finding out how you too can care about the world…Just like The Tech Fugitives.

Tell all your friends …. tell all your enemies:  Tech Talk does NOT have to SUCK!

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