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Episode 2 – The buffet: All you can eat Oracle, China, OpenStack and Rockets….Let’s blow up Rockets!

Welcome back to the Tech Fugitives podcast.  Today Kyle and Mark talk about exploding rockets, exploding technologies and imploding companies….and of course how it all ties back to The Game of Thrones

The Lannisters…They always pay their debts, but to Oracle?

If the House of Targaryen had a Mad King, Mark wonders if it’s simply because the Seven Kingdom’s IT is too heavily invested in Solaris.  You might be pissed too.  Certainly the 2500 infrastructure employees being let go at Oracle might wish they had a dragon or two.  Nonetheless, Kyle straightens it all out with his wisdom from The Citadel.

The Tech Fugitives also paddle the murky waters of China’s new demand to have access to source code for “security reasons”.  Also,  Amazon…. the cool hill to die on….or…I’m sorry, did you say OpenStack?  Well, It’s your Enterprise….paint yourself into any corner you like.  You should feel free to pick the color

No show is complete without some Elon Musk talk.  But this time, Elon is not just all talk.  He’s blown up rockets, costing hundreds of millions of dollars in investment.  Lesser people might be humbled by this type of failure.  But if you’re Elon Musk, let’s just produce a Rocket Explosion Blooper Video and have a good laugh.

We hope you’ll have a good laugh with us!  Thanks for giving us a listen!

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