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Episode 3 – The Russians are coming, with a FB account and wad of cash

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Welcome back to the Tech Fugitives podcast.  Today Kyle and Mark talk about “Cleaners”, Sharks, Horses, and Pigs, well Bacon….but you get the idea.  Everything tastes better when it’s wrapped in bacon…You’ll see!

Snatch was wrong…It wasn’t zee Germans.  It was zee Russians & Zuck!


Now $100 Thousand Dollars is a LOT of money.   But if you’re a Russian intelligence arm, $100K and 470 fake Facebook accounts can stir up a lot of trouble.  Kyle and Mark stir this pot and sprinkle in a sitting US Senator, Russian “Security Software” and a large brick & mortar retailer.  Let it simmer, then serve.


The Tech Fugitives also check their credit score at Equifax and discover that we recently purchased land in the Florida Keys and transferred our combined wealth to a Nigerian Prince.  It’s cool though, we’re going to get that money back seven fold!  Despite our good fortune, we will still pick apart the slow response of Equifax after the recent hack.

In a show of good will, The Fugitives provide new marketing strategies to Oracle.  In light of the recent lawsuit brought to them for screwing their sales associates, Kyle and Mark guide Ellison to rock solid strategies for success that don’t involve sucking the livelihood from his staff.

Finally, If you’re wondering what Cloud Computing and Horse Racing have in common….You’ve come to the right place.  Frankly, if you’re with the Tech Fugitives, you’re DEFINITELY in the right place!

We hope you’ll have a good laugh with us!  Thanks for giving us a listen!

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