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The Octagon – Gluware (Pt. 2) Gluware Intelligent Network Automation Overview

Published 3 years ago in Gluware , Network , ONUG - 0 Comments

Chopping this into yummy bites.

Gluware claims their version of Intelligent Network Automation is the right solution for today’s new normal. CEO Jeff Gray and VP of Product Marketing, Michael Haugh come into The Tech Fugitives Octagon and try to convince us….and YOU that they’ve got the right formula. We will See.


The Tech Fugitives Octagon is a paid engagement by the IT Supplier. The supplier has the right to NOT allow the episode to be aired. Whether the engagement sees the light of day or not, The Tech Fugitives get paid.

Mark & Kyle aren’t out to make any Enterprise IT supplier look bad, but we will ask the tough questions. The episode is not scripted, but rather follows an agenda provided by the supplier. Our cut out discussion within the episodes are not scripted, nor does the supplier have any editorial control over those discussions.