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Episode – 95 Interview with Co-Founder & Co-Chair of ONUG, Nick Lippis.

Published 5 years ago in Cloud , Containers , DevOps , ONUG , Serverless - 0 Comments

ONUG is officially one week out. The excitement is building. Listen to Nick discuss :

  • What’s new at the Dallas Spring event.
  • The 3 Big Points & Takeaways.
  • Huge new opportunities for the ONUG Community.

The best way to learn is when you’re having fun. Listen to Nick and you’ll understand.


Episode 38 – How to be in a “Super Position” of good ideas and bad ideas simultaneously.

Welcome back to The Tech Fugitives Show… Where your significant other is neither happy or mad at you…until you are observed….It’s called Super Position.

If you think The Tech Fugitives take on Quantum is amazing, then there’s a good chance China will reduce your “Social Credit Score”.  China moves to install 400 million MORE cameras by 2020 to observe its citizens behavior, score it and then dole out consequences.  Well….Those people prolly didn’t want to travel or buy property anyway.

We also discuss:

China’s Surveillance of its citizenry:


Continuous Experimentation & Learning:



Zuckerberg just says NO to the Queen:



Episode 35 – Interview with Tech Icon Adam Jacob, CTO of Chef

Published 6 years ago in Chef , Containers , DevOps , Serverless - 0 Comments

Welcome back to the Tech Fugitives podcast.  No Safe spaces today.  Straight talk from the “No A-hole” zone with Chef CTO, Adam Jacob.

Just because you’re infrastructure is code, doesn’t mean you’re not an A-Hole.  Don’t be that person…Listen to Adam Jacobs.  Chef was clearly the tip of the sword during the birth of DevOps.  Hear Adam describe where they came from and where they’re going at Chef.

This Interview is the embodiment of Enterprise IT.

Listen, Learn and laugh while finding out how you too can care about the world…Just like The Tech Fugitives.

Tell all your friends …. tell all your enemies:  Tech Talk does NOT have to SUCK!

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Episode 9 – Serverless Computing, You HAVE to listen to this episode!

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Welcome back to the Tech Fugitives podcast.  Kyle and Mark talk Serverless computing like NO ONE else can!

Still referring to your Infrastructure as “My Precious”?  Time to Embrace FaaS!!!

The Hypers have delivered the next step in technical abstraction in support of your real business needs….it’s FUNCTIONS.  The Tech Fugitives do a compare and contrast of the different offerings, as well as some of the risks.

Roll out the Red Carpet….We have another BACON WRAP AWARD WINNER…and it’s everything you would expect; Yummy and disappointing 😉



Today’s episode is brought to you by Disrupt or Die: What the World Needs to Learn from Silicon Valley to Survive the Digital Era .

Delphix Founder and Author, Jedidiah Yeuh, provides the innovation playbook you need transform your business.

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