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Episode 119 – Interview with Anamita Guha of IBM & AAAS If/Then Ambassador

Published 3 years ago in AI , Crypto , IBM , ONUG , Quantum Computing , Uncategorized , Watson - 0 Comments

It was great catching up with Anamita, one of the coolest people we know at IBM. Check out her great work in support of young girls and STEM…. follow her on twitter @anamitag .

Also learn all about her work for the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), as an If/Then Ambassador.


Episode 38 – How to be in a “Super Position” of good ideas and bad ideas simultaneously.

Welcome back to The Tech Fugitives Show… Where your significant other is neither happy or mad at you…until you are observed….It’s called Super Position.

If you think The Tech Fugitives take on Quantum is amazing, then there’s a good chance China will reduce your “Social Credit Score”.  China moves to install 400 million MORE cameras by 2020 to observe its citizens behavior, score it and then dole out consequences.  Well….Those people prolly didn’t want to travel or buy property anyway.

We also discuss:

China’s Surveillance of its citizenry:


Continuous Experimentation & Learning:



Zuckerberg just says NO to the Queen: