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Episode 62 – RedHat crushes it on revenue…Gets Stock crushed anyway.

Published 5 years ago in AI , Amazon , Disney , Google Chrome , MIT , Red Hat , SalesForce , Star Wars - 0 Comments

RedHat has incredible numbers…. Not all Pundits are happy.  Not all Pundits know what they’re talking about!

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Follow up–and-put-apples-last-product-event-to-shame.html
  • Amazon launched at least 15 new hardware products during a special launch event on Thursday.
  • The event showed how serious Amazon is about owning the smart home space.
The Feds are just here to help on 5G
  • The latest update to Google’s Chrome browser automatically signs users in if they use any other Google services.
  • Although users still have to consent to have their Chrome data sent back to Google, privacy advocates see this as a breach of user trust.
  • Ultimately, this change more explicitly frames Google Chrome as another Google service, rather than as a neutral platform to surf the web.
Apple Siri & SalesForce for Enterprise
  • FedEx’s executive VP Rajesh Subramaniam said Amazon’s new delivery service “should not be confused as competition with FedEx” during the company’s most recent earnings call on Monday.
  • This isn’t the first time FedEx downplayed Amazon’s logistics threat.
  • Amazon continues to expand its own delivery network, and launched a new program called Delivery Service Partners that lets entrepreneurs run their own local delivery networks of up to 40 vans.


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