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Episode 1 – Enterprise Storage Landscape Discussion

Published 6 years ago in Storage - 0 Comments
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Welcome back to the Tech Fugitives podcast.  Today Kyle and Mark take a look at the confusing landscape of Enterprise Storage.  There are so many technology and locality options, but are suppliers doing a good enough job helping navigate these waters?  The answer….NO!!  But the TechFugitives are here to sort this out and prepare our listeners for future interviews with Industry experts.  We’re going to cover topics like data protection, dark data, and more, so STAY  TUNED!

Dark data…It’s not just for Data Scientists anymore!                               

Picture of a cemetery with a computer and flowers in front of it

Will hard disk drives and tape move on like CRT monitors?

If you think data analytics is hot, just wait until your business customers start “sprawling” their junk all over the cloud, or your data warehouses…..or your cloud data warehouses.  Kyle covers the dangers of data sprawl and the gravity that it encompasses.  Mark chimes in with his own views regarding chain of ownership and the potential compliance and regulatory risks.  There might be an unfortunate reference to Anthony Weiner and Data Sprawl… explanation necessary.

Never to be left on the back burner, the Tech Fugitives also give data protection it’s due.  Data Protection in the future will (and needs to) change dramatically.  Will Enterprises embrace their options, drive down their costs and improve their services.  Perhaps understanding their options will help, but for now, the jury is still out.

Thanks for tuning in.  Stay tuned for our future episodes where we will be interviewing industry experts on both the supplier and Enterprise IT sides of the topic.

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