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Episode 11- Artificial Intelligence, “Pure” Expert Review

Published 6 years ago in AI , Chipsets , Storage - 2 Comments

Welcome back to the Tech Fugitives podcast.  Mark & Kyle have played with the AI topic…This time we’re not kidding around…well….uh….too much.

The Tech Fugitives explore Artificial intelligence with Roy Kim, an expert and product lead from Pure Storage.


There’s nothing more fun than talking about killer apps and killer robots, but the serious side of AI is so compelling that the Fugitives have brought in a real expert.  Roy Kim, with Pure Storage, helps us explore the technical and philosophical side of AI.  This is NOT just a Storage discussion, so open your hearts and open your minds to The Tech Fugitives

Hope you’ll enjoy the insights and have a good laugh with us!  Thanks for giving us a listen!  Tell all your friends:  Tech Talk does not have to SUCK!

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  • Stacie Brown says:

    Great session.

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