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Episode 49 – TJ Kennedy, Co-Founder of The Public Safety Network & Former President of FirstNet

Published 5 years ago in 5G , Cybercrime , FirstNet , Government , IoT - 0 Comments

Our 50th Episode!!!  Incredible interview with thought leader in public safety technology, TJ Kennedy.

TJ gives us the incredibly important context and beginnings of the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet).  TJ’s background as an actual first responder AND executive made this a blockbuster interview.  We discuss:
  • How the tragedy of 9/11 put the spotlight on technical gaps for first responders.
  • The evolution of FirstNet and the value it delivers.
  • How all government agencies can take advantage of these new solutions.
  • How the Public Safety Network is pushing the technology to the next level.

Listen, Learn and laugh while finding out how you too can care about the world…Just like The Tech Fugitives.

Tell all your friends …. tell all your enemies:  Tech Talk does NOT have to SUCK!

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