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Episode – 95 Interview with Co-Founder & Co-Chair of ONUG, Nick Lippis.

Published 5 years ago in Cloud , Containers , DevOps , ONUG , Serverless - 0 Comments

ONUG is officially one week out. The excitement is building. Listen to Nick discuss :

  • What’s new at the Dallas Spring event.
  • The 3 Big Points & Takeaways.
  • Huge new opportunities for the ONUG Community.

The best way to learn is when you’re having fun. Listen to Nick and you’ll understand.


Episode 93 – Article 13, the death of memes?

The EU got talked into copyright laws, while FB got talked OUT of $100 million dollars.

India makes space junk.

Tump says Google will work with the US Gov .

Microsoft gets greenlighted to crush Iranian hacker… I want more.

McDonalds will make it easier for you to know what “food” of theirs you don’t want.

The UK uses process and due diligence to conclude that Huawei is NOT beautiful.

Google and FaceBook get scammed for $123 MEEELion. heh.

Apple medical wearables.

The death of the meme? Not so fast.

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