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Episode 66 – AT&T’s Massive Internet Outage. Expect Birthrate surge, July 2019

Published 5 years ago in AI , AT&T , ATT , Censorship , China , JEDI , Microsoft , VMWare - 0 Comments

In addition to ATT debacle, we also discuss MIT’s sweaty wad of cash and why China is the biggest threat to Intellectual freedom.
The Schwarzman College of Computing is intended to be “an interdisciplinary hub” for work in computer science, artificial intelligence, data science and related fields. The research conducted there will focus on breakthroughs in AI, as well as its ethical applications.
The biggest Social Engineering op in the history of forever

Episode 58 – Storage Containers…Should there be a Store for that?

Storage Containers…Sounds cool, but will they perform?
Also, Mark LOVES the Bitcoin carnage and catching some Bad Guys!!!
We also discuss:
21st Century Stories
NIST makes BGP Great again…by securing it.
Looking at Big Tech Censorship

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