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Episode 7 – Interview With Delphix founder and author of “Disrupt or Die”, Jedidiah Yueh.

Published 6 years ago in Enterprise Transformation - 0 Comments

Welcome back to the Tech Fugitives podcast.  On today’s show Kyle and Mark talk “Enterprise Transformation” with tech powerhouse, Jedidiah Yueh.  Jed is the founder of Delphix, the market leader in DataOps, and Author of Disrupt or Die: What the World Needs to Learn from Silicon Valley to Survive the Digital Era .

Zuckerberg wrote Facebook in a week to meet girls, Enterprises can’t buy a software PACKAGE  and get to market inside of 12 months.


Why do “Enterprises with Baggage” lag behind.  Why isn’t that called “laggage”?  Jed helps The Tech Fugitives deconstruct the processes and cultures that cause this phenomenon.

There are no punches pulled in this show.  Jed tells it like it is.  If you are a CEO, you should listen to this interview, buy Jed’s book and get busy digitally transforming your company!

We hope you’ll enjoy the insights and have a good laugh with us!  Thanks for giving us a listen!  Tell all your friends:  Tech Talk does not have to SUCK!

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