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Episode 69 – Meet the Co-Founder of ONUG and our Guest Host, Ernest Lefner

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The Tech Fugitives interview Ernest Lefner.  Ernest is the Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the Open Network User Group AND… Our good Friend.  He will be guest hosting with us for a few weeks…. He is in FACT a Tech Fugitive.
  • The update follows a pair of weekend reports naming Crystal City, Va., and other cities as front runners in the tightening race for Amazon’s second headquarters.
  • The New York Times on Monday reported that the Long Island City neighborhood of New York City is nearing an agreement with the tech giant
  • It’s been more than a year since the company issued a call for proposals.
  • Amazon originally said it would invest $5 billion and employ 50,000 workers in the winning area.
Mid-Show – ConRes
Apple Stock article
Down 9% at close Monday
Avoiding an apple correction

Episode 44 – Docker, The One Ring to rule them All? We still have time for Fallout 4 and Bitcoin.

Published 5 years ago in AI , Blockchain , Docker , Kapersky , Security , Space - 0 Comments

Docker making bold moves to with Enterprise Edition.  Can it be the One Ring to Rule them All.  We’ll ask Kubernetes.

We also discuss:
The images for the new Fallout look incredible.
Mars Opportunity needs solar panel wipers.
Those crazy Russians and their “Security Software”.
China will chip all your cars.  Why…. Screw you, that’s why!
X-Ray WiFi …. GREAT!
Finally some competition for NVidia… We’ll see.
Docker Hub…. We’re here to mine for YOU!!


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