Episode 2 – The buffet: All you can eat Oracle, China, OpenStack and Rockets….Let’s blow up Rockets!

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Welcome back to the Tech Fugitives podcast.  Today Kyle and Mark talk about exploding rockets, exploding technologies and imploding companies….and of course how it all ties back to The Game of Thrones

The Lannisters…They always pay their debts, but to Oracle?

If the House of Targaryen had a Mad King, Mark wonders if it’s simply because the Seven Kingdom’s IT is too heavily invested in Solaris.  You might be pissed too.  Certainly the 2500 infrastructure employees being let go at Oracle might wish they had a dragon or two.  Nonetheless, Kyle straightens it all out with his wisdom from The Citadel.

The Tech Fugitives also paddle the murky waters of China’s new demand to have access to source code for “security reasons”.  Also,  Amazon…. the cool hill to die on….or…I’m sorry, did you say OpenStack?  Well, It’s your Enterprise….paint yourself into any corner you like.  You should feel free to pick the color

No show is complete without some Elon Musk talk.  But this time, Elon is not just all talk.  He’s blown up rockets, costing hundreds of millions of dollars in investment.  Lesser people might be humbled by this type of failure.  But if you’re Elon Musk, let’s just produce a Rocket Explosion Blooper Video and have a good laugh.

We hope you’ll have a good laugh with us!  Thanks for giving us a listen!

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Episode 1 – Enterprise Storage Landscape Discussion

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Image of a confused llama and a landscape behind it surrounded by pictures of storage technologies around it

Welcome back to the Tech Fugitives podcast.  Today Kyle and Mark take a look at the confusing landscape of Enterprise Storage.  There are so many technology and locality options, but are suppliers doing a good enough job helping navigate these waters?  The answer….NO!!  But the TechFugitives are here to sort this out and prepare our listeners for future interviews with Industry experts.  We’re going to cover topics like data protection, dark data, and more, so STAY  TUNED!

Dark data…It’s not just for Data Scientists anymore!                               

Picture of a cemetery with a computer and flowers in front of it

Will hard disk drives and tape move on like CRT monitors?

If you think data analytics is hot, just wait until your business customers start “sprawling” their junk all over the cloud, or your data warehouses…..or your cloud data warehouses.  Kyle covers the dangers of data sprawl and the gravity that it encompasses.  Mark chimes in with his own views regarding chain of ownership and the potential compliance and regulatory risks.  There might be an unfortunate reference to Anthony Weiner and Data Sprawl… explanation necessary.

Never to be left on the back burner, the Tech Fugitives also give data protection it’s due.  Data Protection in the future will (and needs to) change dramatically.  Will Enterprises embrace their options, drive down their costs and improve their services.  Perhaps understanding their options will help, but for now, the jury is still out.

Thanks for tuning in.  Stay tuned for our future episodes where we will be interviewing industry experts on both the supplier and Enterprise IT sides of the topic.

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Episode 0 – Elon Musk Wants AI Regulation

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Image of Elon Musk and the T2000 from The Terminator Movie

The First Episode of the Tech Fugitives Show!

Image meme of Boromir from Lord of the Rings saying "One does not simply start a podcast"

Welcome to the first episode of the Tech Fugitive's show with Mark Tierney and Kyle Scarmardo! Elon Musk is in the news again, but this time about AI.  Hear them discuss how he wants government to step in and regulate it before it goes too far.  Elon Musk believes AI could manipulate information and cause riots or even war.  He's not alone either, Stephen Hawking has also warned about this as well.  He believes regulation is needed to prevent investors from pushing for functionality that could bring about harm.  Elon Musk says we need a level playing field for everyone in the game to manage this situation.  The Tech Fugitives discuss how this could happen.  They also discuss how Elon was almost killed by AI over a chicken dinner.  Don't try to take a T2000's fried chicken.  As always, the Tech Fugitives discuss the implications to the enterprise IT space.

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Elon fights a T2000 over fried chicken!

Image of Elon Musk and the T2000 from The Terminator Movie

We consider how the recent fake new situations could lend truth to Elon's position.  In our society we see violent emotional reactions to news regularly.  What if AI decides the right course of action is to manipulate information to get rid of a specific group of people?  Hawking has a great quote about ant piles that speaks to this.  Of course, this episode would not be complete without robot movie quotes.  Directive four from Robocop!  Mark expresses concerns about dating AI robots in the workspace.  Kyle mentions how urine tests won't be good enough when hiring in the future.  AI will fix the damage fried foods are causing to our bodies.

Will regulation be the answer?  Listen to hear our position.  Thanks for tuning in.  Please subscribe and give us a five star rating if you found value in this.

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